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Department of Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture Sector plays a vital role in the Indian economy,more than 60% of total population of india is directly or indirectly depends upon the sector for their raw materials.

The outcome of sustainable Agriculture is an intensive study of three major areas of sustainability are: Environment stewardship, economic profitability and social responsibility

In Ideal Degree College sustainable Agriculture is a course which deals with technical,natural & economic discipliner of Science.Students learn to analyse,evaluate and optimise agricultural and horitcultural production system.This programme educated on the fundamentals of new growing techniques in agriculture and condusts various experiments like INDOOR FARMING,HYDRIPONICS, AQUAPONICS to build a career in Agriculture sector.

We Conduct different practical learning activities such as Internship in various agriculture sectors,Farmer interactions, lab courses,seminars.

About the Course :

  • It is a 3 year undrgraduate bachelors degree program,which deals with agriculture science,use of modern equipment,Scientific technology,Extension methodologies,Organic farming,natural farming,Entomology,pathology,Agrology,Plant breeding and Genetics,Fundamentals of Soil Science,Plantation crops,Production Technology of spices etc.
  • The Aim of the program is to make the students as self Entrepreneur by enforcing practical learning in students which build up their confidence in their sector.
  • We provide on Job training programme like visit to various research stations.KVK's and various testing laboratories
  • We conduct aptitude and reasoning classes during weekends to improve their analytical skills apart from core knowledge

Career Prospecture :

Agriculture graduates obtain thier jobs in private sectors like,quality assurance officers, Agriculture consultant,Estate manager,Farm manager,Plant breeder,geneticists,Soil scientists etc.

In public sectors,Agriculture extensions officers,Agriculture officers (A.O) , KVK's ,Fields officers, technical associates jobs,Agriculture loan officers (In banks)

Department Activities

Industrial Visits

The main objective of industrial visit is to provide a great source to gain practical knowledge.Students can observe and learn as to how thearitical concepts are put into action, there by aiding their practical learning.

Our students have visited samalkota soil testing labs and observed all the soil testing equipments and also learnt testing procedures

Visited Biofertilizer lab and learnt the preparation of bio fertilizers like Rhizobium,Azospirrillum,Tricoderma

Student Activities

Vertical Farming :

It is a practice of producing food on vertically inclined surfaces here in our ideal college we used vertical pipes as plant growing container, in this system we grow different varities of leafy vegetables.

Weekend Agriculture :

The College is conducting weekend Agriculture classes on Terrace cultivation,commercial farming and organic farming

Indoor Farming :

It is the future of urban farming,we grow all crops at any time and also we do mushroom cultivation

Recirculating Aguaculture :

The Aim of Recirculating aquaculture system is to utlize aqua waters as plant growing neutrients

Organic Bazaar :

We Market our produce by the name of ideal's organic Bazaar.

Student Assessment

  • A dedicated in-house faculty team for internal support
  • Guest / Expert Faculty invited from reputed institutions
  • Well Structured programme covering basics to advanced concepts in all key papers & General Studies
  • Regular Seminars,assignments combined with periodic assessments ensuring expected learning outcomes
  • Exclusive Study materials together with support of digital sources.