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Department of Food Science and Technology

The Department of Food Science and Technology introduced in 2019 aims at developing the innate talent of the students to meet the demands of the changing scenerio in health care and food trends.with an ever going demand of food technologists and dietitions in india and abroad, our students are trained to get lucrative job opportunities.

In Ideal Degree College Food Science is a course which combines Nutrition and Technological aspects of food.The Programme educates on the fundamentals of food science and equips us to apply food technology skills required to build a career in food sector. Students are equipped to take up jobs in the area of patient care in hospitals,fitness centres,Nutritional councellors ,child development project officers,Food Safety officers,Extensions officers and also in research and development.They also get placed in food industries as production exectives quality assurance officers ,food adulteration safety and regulations,Food Safety etc.

The College is offering one under graduate level courses Bachelor's Degree Food Processing and quality Management UGC Approved with integrated internship programmers

The Cirriculum of course includes core papers like food & Nutrition,Medical Nutrition therapy,clinical Nutrition,Medical Nutrition therapy,clinical Nutrition,Food Quality Management,Processing of Food Products,Principles of Food Preservation which are vital components of health care management.The cirriculum also includes core papers regarding food processing like food chemistry,Food Analysis,Innovative product development,Food Engineering,Unit Operations in food processing,Food Packaging Technology,Food Microbiology,Food Quality and certicfication also

The Highlights of this course aree the inclusion of practical papers, like Analytical techniques in Food,new product development,food chemistry,food microbiology to help learning advances in components of foodssuch as carbohydrates,proteins,lipids vitamins and minerals.

Department Activities

World Food Day :

2019-2020 Theme - Healthy Diets for a #Zero Hunger World

  • World food day 2k19 was celebrated on 16th october
  • Programme included guest lectures by renowed lectures followed by paper presentations are oral presentatios by students.

Laboratory :

The Department at the institution has an array of sufficiently equipped laboratories with latest instruments and apparatus.The aim is to provide students a conceptual as well as practical understanding of the subject through hand-on-job-training.The core laboratories of the department include Food chemistry,Food Analysis,Food Nutrition,Food Engineering,Food Safety and microbial standards etc.

Industrial visits :

Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a college cirriculum and objectives of industrial visit is to provide students an visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.with an aim to go beyond academics,industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work.The interaction helps students to get exposed to current work practices are opposed to possibly theortical knowledge being taught at college.

Visits in 2019 :

  • Veerabhadra Exports Private Limited,kakinada (rural) EG District.
  • Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited Peddapuram,EG District.
  • Avanthi Agro Lab,Kakinada EG District

Student Assessment

  • A dedicated in-house faculty team for internal support
  • Guest / Expert Faculty invited from reputed institutions
  • Well Structured programme covering basics to advanced concepts in all key papers & General Studies
  • Regular Seminars,assignments combined with periodic assessments ensuring expected learning outcomes
  • Exclusive Study materials together with support of digital sources.