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Department of Industrial Aquaculture and Fisheries

The Department of Industries Aquaculture and Fisheries,introduces in 2019 aims to flourish the skill of the students in the Aquaculture and Fisheries Industry

Fisheries and Aquaculture is one of the best leading business and industry in the world.So there is a high demand for the Aqua techniques,Aqua engineers,Quality controllers,Fisheries Development officers,Fisheries biologist,Live stock development officers in India and all throughout the world.

Our Students in Ideal Degree College are trained to get massive opportunities in the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector.

In Ideal Degree College Industrial Aquaculture and Fisheries is a course which deals upon the various aspects such as principles of aquaculture, Freshwater aquaculture,Biology of Fin fishes and shell fishes,Brackish water Aquaculture and mariculture,Hatchery technology in culture organisms,crafts and Gears in capture Fisheries,Inland and marine Fisheries,Aquaculture nutrition,Genetics and Aquaculture Biotechnology,Pathology in Aquaculture,Ornamental Fish culture,Fish microbiology,Fish processing Technology Aquaculture engineering,Fisheries economics and marketing,Bio-Statistics and computer application in fisheries.

The College is offering one under graduate level course Bachelor's Degree.Industrial Aquaculture & Fisheries UGC approved with Integrated Internship programmes also.

The best part of this course is to involve the practical papers such as identifying various cultivable species,and their dissections on aquatic organisms, Mounting of shrimp appendages,digestive system of shrimp | fish,Nervous systems of shrimps | fish, Eye Stack ablation in shrimp, Pituitary gland extract in fishes,Identification of phytoplankton,zooplankton,Cultivable fishes and prawns,Estimation of soil and water quality parameters in culture ponds,Estimations of proteins,carbohydrates,Fats,Ash,Fiber contents in feed management.microbiology and PCR Techniques.

So Our Fisheries Graduated attain their jobs in state government as,VFA,Assistant Fisheries Development officer [AFDO], Fisheries Extension Officer [FCO] , District Fisheries Development Officer [DFDO] and in central government as Marine Product Export Development Authority [MPEDA] National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development [NABARD] , Food and Agriculture Organisation etc . In Private sector as in sea food processing plants (MNC),Aqua feed plants,Fishing gear industries and in Pharmaceutical companies and also in various Research Institutions.

Department Activities

World Fisheries Day

  • 2019 - 2020 Theme : The day aims to highlight the importance of healthy ocean ecosystems .
  • World Fisheries Day 2019 was celebrated on November 21 in our Ideal Degree College in an authorised manner.
  • This programme included guest lectures by our respected lecturers followed by the presentations ,live projects,seminars given by the students.RAS Infront of the college campus
  • Fish tank is maintained and cultured by using Recirculating Aquaculture System along with the Aquaponics technique.
  • This whole activity is done in the Ideal Degree College premises.


  • The main aim of these laboratory facilities is to provide students a deeper understanding on the concept through the act of personal experience through hands of training .
  • The laborataries of this department includes soil and water analysis , bacteriological tests etc .
  • Water and Soil Quality Laboratory , Fish & Shrimp , other cultivable / Edible Identification Museum & Aquaculture Microbiology Laboratory.

Industrial Visits

  • Main aim of Industrial visits is to provide an exposure to students about practical working environment and employment practices . This is considered as an part of our college curriculum .
  • Our Fisheries srudents have visited Aquaex India 2020 conducted in Bhimavaram and observed various types of Aqua companies , Aqua tech Expo conductedin Amalapuram and observed various Equipment & Products in Aquaculture Industry , Veerabhadra Exports [ Shrimp processing unit ] in Kakinada and observed shrimp raw materials, soaking process , grading machines , Industrial Quick Freezeer Process , packing and storage process.

Student Activities

The Main of the student activities is to increase learning skills and enhanced development

Student Assessment

  • A dedicated in-house faculty team for internal support
  • Guest / Expert Faculty invited from reputed institutions
  • Well Structured programme covering basics to advanced concepts in all key papers & General Studies
  • Regular Seminars,assignments combined with periodic assessments ensuring expected learning outcomes
  • Exclusive Study materials together with support of digital sources.